Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Seventeen-year-old Mara cannot remember the accident that took the lives of three of her friends but, after moving from Rhode Island to Florida, finding love with Noah, and more deaths, she realizes uncovering something buried in her memory might save her family and her future.
Okay... here it goes. This book is hard for me to review. I liked the book a lot I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the writing, the writing style etc...  I felt so much emotion while I read it. I could feel myself gasping as Mara was gasping, However I was ALWAYS confused. I never really understood, well anything. Not even at the end when it was supposed to come together (in my mind) I still can't tell you how people were dying or how Noah and Mara were connected. I enjoyed reading it, I really loved the characters, especially Jaime. He was a smart ass, and witty and reminds me of some of my high school friends. I liked Noah too but the whole flashing of the money gets a bit old. But he is sweet and caring and a perfect prince charming. 
I like how close the brothers were and protective of their sister. Made me wish for a big brother. :) 
Like I said I REALLY liked the writing, I just wish I understood the story.  The cover is stunning. The words are lyrical and it the relationships developed in the book are intriguing. I was just confused. I am glad I read it though. Michelle can right really well descriptions, comes up with fantastic scenes, invents great characters. 

If I was to rate the cover of the book it'd be a 5 star rating. The cover is gorgeous! How can you NOT judge a book by it's cover? Hard... 

I don't understand if the whole thing with the little brother joseph was true or not true. DId it happen? What did it have anything to do with the Dad's case? So did Jude die or not? 

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