Saturday, September 17, 2011

Akasha, by Heather Tregaskes

In 1880, superstitions in Nichole's small New England town are more like excerpts from the bible than cautionary tales. So, when a band of gypsies set up camp outside town the same day Nichole's mother dies, the town's people blame the death on a gypsy curse. At seventeen, Nichole is left an orphan and feared by friends. Not even the man she was betrothed to will speak for her. When one of the gypsies comes to claim her, the town hands her over with no remorse. It is only through the connection she feels for the man put in charge of helping her that she is able to accept her new life. Her trust in him turns to love, and the wounds of loss begin to heal. Until she discovers their secret...
My Rating
I totally loved this book! It sucked me until the end. I wanted more, I didn't want the book to end. (that's rare for me I usually want my book to be done so I can read the next one on my list). I didn't quite feel like the time (1880 I think) matched all of the scenes and the language. But this was a light read. It is a make your heart feel good story. It totally had the "AWE" factor. I Hope I can get my hands on the 2nd book soon... :) AMAZING. I don't feel like my words can give it justice.

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